Medical Biophysics Department at Western

The Department of Medical Biophysics works very closely with other university departments, research institutes, and hospitals in the City of London to offer unique graduate training opportunities in diverse fields including: cardiovascular disease, microcirculation, hemodynamics, biomechanics, and cancer. Medical imaging (CT, MRI, MRS, ultrasound, PET-CT) is a vigorous research area, both at the small-animal and human scale. Our research program therefore gives students a chance to work with state-of-the-art equipment, often combining computational and experimental techniques. Research equipment includes:

CFI / AC BURTON LAB - Cell culture Facility

  • Sanyo -80 deg C freezer
  • 2 Sanyo CO2 Incusafe Copper Alloy Stainless Cell Incubators
  • Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R centrifuge
  • Microzone Cell Culture Hoods

Microscope Room -1

  • Olympus IX71 Microscope with 8 focal plane (8 camera) in vivo capability
  • Cooke Sensicam High Performance QE
  • EXFO X-cite Fluorescent illumination system

Histology Room

  • Leica ASP300 Tissue Processor
  • America Optical Histostat Tissue Embedder (Paraffin)
  • Zeiss Histological Imaging Microscope with Nikon Digital Camera DXM1200
  • Leica Microtome RM2235
  •  Fully equiped surgical Suite for small animals
  • Microzone Surgical Hood with ventilation
  • 2 Dissection scopes for micro surgery

Cellular Imaging Suite

  • Zeiss Axiovert 200M Fluoresent Microscopy system
  • Pecon XL3 Microscope Cellular Incubator
  • Axiocam HRC fluorescent camera
  • Multiple computer workstations for image processing

Microscope Room -2

  • Olympus IX81 In Vivo Microscope, fluorescence and spinning disc confocal
  • Dual Camera (Qimaging Rolera XR Fast Cooled Mono 12 bit ) System
  •  Fully equipped for in vivo surgical preparation and monitoring 

Molecular Facilty

  • BioRad IQ5 Real time PCR System
  • BioRad MyCycler PCR DNA Engine
  • BioRad 96 Well Plate Reader (with full spectrum filters)
  • 2 BioRad MiniProtean Tetra SDS PAGE systems
  • ChemiDoc Molecular Imaging Station
  • ADInstruments Nerve traffic analyzer
  • ADInstrments digital Chart recording suite
  • ADInstruments Indirect Calorimetry Suite
  • Sievers 280i Nitric Oxide Analysis System
  •  Biomechanics Lab: A precision machine for measuring the biomechanical properties of soft tissues. This is a custom made machine used to measure the properties of breast and tympanic membrane tissues. 

Audiology Lab

  • Profilometer: a non-contacting optical device for making shape measurements
  • Scanning laser vibrometer: a non-contacting optical device for making full-field vibration measurements
  • 5 haptic arms
  • head-mounted display
  • Sonix RP Ultrasound system with the following ultrasound transducers: L14-5/38, L9-4/38, Biplane, 4DC7-3/40 transducer with motorized head.
  • Magritek – Terranova MRI teaching system