Research Translation

Research translation is the delivery of scientific information and technology in the form of new products, devices, and therapies to ultimately affect the treatment of patients. The dissemination of information and the transfer of technology through product commercialization is at the core of the medical imaging research achieved by the BIRC group members. Working closely with our Business Development Offices, the BIRC Group has founded 6 companies and generated 50 patents and numerous disclosures and licenses. Technology from Dr. Aaron Fenster’s laboratory has been licensed to Varian, Hitachi, Nucletron, B-K Medical, Resonant, VisualSonics, R.G. Shelly and Animal Imaging Inc. Dr. Ting-Yim Lee’s laboratory has licensed its technology to GE. These innovations are being sold by these companies and are being used world-wide. The Cancer Imaging Network (CIN) at the London Regional Cancer Program and Robarts Imaging have established clinical translational programs. CIN has active translational research groups in the areas of Head & Neck Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Breast Cancer. Robarts established a Translational Imaging Program in Sept. 2004 focused on the application of clinical imaging tools to provide methods of non-invasively understanding disease progression and regression. For more information on our research translational in action, please see our Spin-off Companies from BIRC.