Spin-Off Companies

  • Drs. Frank Prato and Alex Thomas, with colleagues at Lawson Imaging, created Fralex Therapeutics Inc. to develop specific pulsed magnetic field neuromodulation therapy for the treatment of pain, anxiety and depression in humans. Fralex launched a successful IPO in 2007 and is the first Western spin-off to go public. The technology was purchased and privatized in 2009 by a Quebec/Ontario company, Baylis Medical, and rebranded to CNP Therapeutics Inc. (www.cnptherapeutics.com).  
  • Life Imaging Systems Inc. In April 1995, 3D ultrasound development in Dr. Aaron Fenster's lab at Robarts Imaging was commercialized through the formation of Life Imaging Systems Inc. (LIS). Although LIS Inc. ceased operations in 2001, the technology has been retained by our institutions and has since been licensed to seven different companies.
  • Multi Magnetics Incorporated (MMI), formed from the work of the Lawson Group and their collaborators, develops unique commercial MR support peripherals: hardware, software and protocols.
  • In 1998, Enhanced Vision Systems Inc. (EVS) was founded to commercialize micro-CT imaging systems being developed in the Holdsworth and Fenster labs at Robarts Imaging. The company was sold to GE in 2002 and is now being led by graduates from our laboratory.
  • Researchers at Lawson Imaging founded a veterinary clinic (Thames Valley Veterinarian Services) together with a veterinary company (Matheson Boulevard Veterinarian Services) to study disease in companion animals and to test new imaging methods prior to seeking approval for human use.
  • In 2000, ATAMAI Inc. was founded to commercialize image-guided neurosurgery and medical imaging software developments in the Peters laboratory at Robarts.
  • In 2001, XL Resonance Inc. was created based on innovations from Dr. Ravi Menon’s lab, focusing on MR coil developments for high-field MR imagers. This company is now privately held as XLR Imaging Inc.
  • Dr. Ting-Yim Lee’s laboratory has licensed its CT Perfusion technology to GE Healthcare.